From the woods to the home

I have been in the wood industry for 57 years.  From logging to finished millwork, my life has always revolved around woodworking.  Some have poked fun at me saying that if I got cut, I would probably bleed sawdust. 

While working for a reclaimed lumber company, I saw lots of potential for the discarded reclaimed lumber pieces that were too small for viable production yet this material was still good wood none the less.  So I started collecting them in my wood shop instead of tossing them out.  

I saw how accurate and repeatable laser engraving and cutting performed, so I thought this would be a perfect way to make the best use of such a valuable resource as reclaimed hard maple flooring, especially since this flooring was over 150+ years old and limited in supply. I just hated to see it tossed out.  

I focused my sole attention on the laser being my main business and no longer millwork since the laser's capabilities were extremely precise and efficient.

So I took the plunge, purchased a laser system and began cutting this flooring into thin pieces in the wood shop and then I let the laser do its magic.  I am still amazed at the quality and precision of the laser process.  Since this process never touches the wood, I am able to take these small, fragile pieces and create some stunning Christmas ornaments and other items that are not only exquisite in craftsmanship and uniquely individual, but are a wonderful heirloom-quality keepsake from historic reclaimed wood.

I have also added on additional lines of products from a variety of substrates to meet our customers needs.  I now mark slate, metals, glass, wood, acrylics, leather, paper and on and on it goes.  

Many of the wood ornaments that I now produce are made from new wood since the reclaimed flooring was limited in availability.  I customize many items now, as well as cranking out bulk production for wholesale and retail customers.  From acrylic cake toppers, to custom gifts and photo engraving into stone, our line is now constantly expanding to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.  And as I always have done, I try to use only those materials that are American made in origin and/or are sustainably renewable.  I believe in American made.  Some of the promotional products are a exception to this.

One last thing.  Our site simply cannot handle all of the items that we have the capability to now produce.  That means that if you need something custom or wholesale bulk for resale, contact us and let's talk it over.  I would be very surprised if I couldn't provide what you needed.

Thank you for visiting our site.  I look forward to making a keepsake for you soon.

BTW, we are also on the lookout for retailers and vendors for our product line.  This is a great opportunity to have a first class manufacturer like Dan River Arch. Millworks working for you.