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Reclaimed Curly Hard Maple Flooring Pen Blanks

$14.95 $7.95

Reclaimed Curly Hard Maple Flooring Pen Blanks from the Dan River textile mill in Danville, VA.,  3/4" x 3/4" x 5", 5 piece pack.  This wood is over 150+ years old, truth be told it is more like 200+ years old.  These still have the original finish on them that was present when this wood was installed.  This reclaimed wood is very historical because the Dan River textile mills were at one time the largest in the world and were a key component in the war efforts of WWII.  We carefully select the curly flooring out, inspect it to be sure that it is free of metal and then slice it directly from the flooring.  You will notice the flooring grooves are still present in the pictures.  The blanks that have the groove in them are 3/4" x 11/16" in dimension.  There is still plenty of wood to make your favorite project for that special history buff.  Once finished, the curly grain really pops out!  You won't be disappointed with these blanks!