Check Out Our New Slate and Wood Additions
Our product line carries a full one year guarantee.  We will be happy to replace any product that fails during that time.  Please remember that our products are very often in their "natural" state, meaning that they will vary greatly piece to piece, even among the same type of wood.  That's what makes each piece unique and special for your customers.  But in some instances, despite our best quality control procedures, these will fail somehow.  In those cases, don't ever worry about getting stuck with unusable blank products.  

Just contact me if it happens, and we will get you squared away quickly.  Bear in mind, especially with slate, there will be great variations of chipped surfaces and edges.  THESE ARE CONSIDERED NORMAL.  

If you purchase blanks from us that do not turn out to be what you anticipated, send them back and we will quickly refund your money or replace them if you wish, no worries.  Just please send them back in their original condition and packaging prior to embellishments or printing.  So you see, there is no reason not to give our products a try.  If you need a sample first, and I will gladly send you one at no cost.  I look forward to working with you soon.  Your best contact for us would be through or just call, at (434) 770-3304.